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I’m Charlotte Wibberley, and I founded VIP VA with the aim of changing the face of the VA industry, supporting the global VA industry as it grows and helping you be the VA business owner that you want to be.

VIP VA also helps business owners to understand how to get the best out of working with their VA as well.

If you want to become a VA or are a highly skilled VA looking for accreditation & professional development, then VIP VA is for you.

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Anyone can be a VA, but to be a successful one? That takes courage and experience.  VAs can gain become accredited and be known as one of the top VAs in the industry.

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Charlotte makes my life so much easier by finding me the VAs I need with the skill sets I need. 

I took on my first VIP VA last year with Charlotte's help. She helped me sort out what I needed and sent me a short list of properly insured, suitably qualified candidates. I picked one who has been helping me ever since.  

I am now working with 4 VIP VAs!

So much easier than trying to find out from each individual VA what s/he really does know - saved me hours at a particularly busy time in my business.

Annabel Kaye


I just love love love being part of the VIP VA Members Club. I never really hang out in groups with other VAs, I just tend to do my own thing and network in groups where my clients are. However, I know that Charlotte and Amanda are the cream of the crop in the industry and so I knew I would be getting excellence and quality. The short time I have been a member, I’ve already been able to help VAs as an Associate in completing tasks they are stuck with and gained a new client referral. The private Facebook group is a massive bonus as it offers a place of support, question asking without judgement and also to support other VAs, veterans and newbies. If you are a VA, or thinking about it, then this is THE place to be for top quality support.

Kelly Cairns

The Tech Angel

I am often asked by new or aspiring VAs for my insight into how to get started and always suggest that, before they do anything else, to find VIP VA to connect with Charlotte and the amazing community she has created. I was introduced to VIP VA very early on in my VA journey and it made a profound impact on my business and general mindset over-night. Charlotte is head and shoulders above the rest of the pack in leading the way on transforming the VA industry and raising both the profile of VAs but also the standard that clients should expect. As a member, I am privileged to have even more access to Charlotte's laser-like business coaching, master-class tutorials on anything from GDPR through to imposter syndrome, there are client matching opportunities and incredible discounts on services, plus I get to chat, collaborate, share success and ask for guidance/support with some of the most inspiring, collaborative, intelligent and professional business owners I have ever encountered - I display my VIP VA accredited member's badge with pride and honour.

Lucy Messaritis

Founder, Nixon Executive Support

I engaged Charlotte and VIP VA to help me find the right VA for my business. Having used a VA previously and not had a great experience, I was looking for…

  1. expert advice on where  to even start looking for the right VA
  2. a way to shortcut the process – I didn’t have the time to be wading through lots of CVs – I wanted a shortlist already devised for me
  3. the safe knowledge the people I was speaking to had the skills I required
  4. help gaining clarity on what exactly I needed

Charlotte and VIP VA helped me to do all of those things!  The service was prompt, thorough and I found my perfect VA within days, not weeks!

I would highly recommend using VIP VA when searching for your next VA – I know I’ll be back to look for my second VA soon! Kate Barrett

Shine A Light Media

Although I’ve previously declined to join any other VA organisations, when I heard that Amanda Slack and Charlotte Wibberley were setting up VIP VA, I decided that I wanted to be a part of it from the outset. The key thing for me is the excellent online peer support – the job can be quite solitary, working in a remote office and sometimes not seeing anyone for several days. Sometimes I also need guidance and advice from other VAs, both new and old, as to how to go about solving a particular issue, whether it’s technical or resource-related. Hopefully I’m able to help others myself too. It’s just great feeling part of a community that’s focused on quality and support. When I’m looking for new top class Associate VAs to join my team, VIP VA will be the first place I’ll search! I highly recommend VIP VA. Clare Clarke

CC Professional VA

I have recently completed the awesome Nurture Programme with Charlotte at VIP VA. I can whole heartedly recommend this course to anyone considering the transition from PA to VA. The content is concise and engaging and Charlotte is very responsive to any enquiries you may have. You will feel fully supported and ultimately ready for your next entrepreneurship challenge.  

Jennifer Corcoran, FEPAA

My Super Connector

Working with VIP VA is already making a dramatic difference to my business and wellbeing! I found the whole experience of switching assistants very easy thanks to Charlotte and the team. I was delighted to be connected with the perfect match as my right hand woman. I would highly recommend. Grace Kelly

City Girl Confidence

Where do you go when you want a VA to trust with not only your passwords, your business relationships but your professional reputation? I wanted a quality VA, a partnership with someone genuinely interested in my business. When I enquired within my lovely groups, VIP VA’s name was mentioned by a few people so I got in touch. They asked about who I am and what my needs were and then made suggestions on the VAs who would be a great match for me. I am delighted with their carefully chosen VA. Thank you Charlotte & VIP VA! I will be recommending your VIP VA matching service as often as I can. Suzanne Bourner

Human Driven Business

Charlotte found me my fabulous VA in the middle of last year and I couldn't be happier!  If this is what today's Virtual Executive Support is providing then I'm game! It's been a life line for a small business like mine

You can't pretend to know everything as a CEO and I don't need a diary manager or travel organised. Its business management support and the different areas social media, PR, research and crunching data (turning into something more meaningful), website support to name but just a few items that they have worked with me on.

Safe to also say I'm a nightmare to work with at times. I'm often on the road or at meetings or working non stop and they are very patient with me and this is valued a lot.

If you ever get a small business owner in denial about what Virtual support can provide and why it's worth it - send them my way, I'll put the record straight!  Thanks VIP VA.

Victoria Darragh


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