Gone are the days when haunted houses used to be small and consisted of few different rooms, today haunted houses have gone on to create sets which are mammoth and that brings an amazing sort of experience, the sets are huge and the longest haunted houses can be as long as half a mile or even bigger, most of the biggest houses are in America and it seems like the country is simply obsessed with long haunted houses as the number of only grows, the haunt industry has seen a great rise and not only Halloween products but haunted house businesses have profited off it as well.

Scariest haunted house in Ohio is the carnival of horrors as it is not only famous in Ohio but people from the entire country mention this name when haunted houses are a topic and this is surely not just another haunted because if you read the reviews and follow what the news channels have to say about them then they are surely the best haunted house in the country, it might not hold the title of the longest haunted house in the world but it has four terrifying attractions at the haunted carnival and it is simply amazing.

If you really think that nothing can scare you and you are above all of this then this haunted house will prove you wrong and the best part would happen if and when it rains, it makes the experience even more creepier and after visiting a few haunted houses that have been a disappointment I reluctantly signed up for this one and oh boy it was an experience of a life time, you can get your tickets online and be at their next show and get paid to see the best haunted house.