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Just £447.00


2 x monthly payments of £255.00

I have just finished your fabulous course Nurture Programme: Making the Leap Masterclass.  It has been very informative and well worth the money.  Lots to now do but I am very excited!  Thank you again.


Lorraine Hegarty

Virtual Assistant

Are you a PA who is feeling frustrated and tired with the commute to work?

Are you finding juggling your family and work commitments near to impossible?

Are you looking for an avenue to take your skills and experience and create something that truly works for you?

I know how hard working as a PA is (I have been there!), especially when you throw in the challenge of low pay grades, long hours, demanding bosses and crazy commutes.

I can reassure you though, that there is another way. The VA industry is growing exponentially with people (just like you!) realising that self-employment and flexible working can work for both them and their clients.

All it takes is some great support, top tips and a leap of faith…

Join my online masterclass and begin the journey towards freedom, flexibility and fulfilment!

In my Making the Leap Masterclass I’ll share the foundations of my step by step journey to creating a profitable VA business leaving you free to take the action and get creating!

You will get access to the mini module videos, plus downloadable handouts and tasks so that you can study in your own time.  There is lifetime access and no time limit for completion. 

You can attend from your home to your own schedule from anywhere in the world.

Over 10 mini modules we will cover off the foundations of:

  • Module 1: Understanding you, your passions and your BIG why
  • Module 2: Self belief and confidence – how to escape employee mindset and become the CEO in your business
  • Module 3: Your dream client – who they are, what they want and how to find them
  • Module 4: Your services, how to package them and charging your worth
  • Module 5: The essential systems and tech to get you up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible
  • Module 6: Your must have core business setup including legalities, insurance and data protection requirements
  • Module 7: Branding, website, marketing and social media – how to ensure you are visible and attractive online
  • Module 8: Networking and relationships – building your community and increasing opportunities
  • Module 9: Survival through self care and managing difficult situations
  • Module 10: Planning and vision building – creating the masterplan together

The Making the Leap Masterclass will give you the great insight, tools and tips that you need to kick off your VA business and start the journey towards your vision!

Just £447.00


2 x monthly payments of £255.00

After considering the transition from EA to VA it was a chance meeting with Charlotte at an EPAA event that led me to her as a trainer over any other!  Her style of training has really suited me. The dread of having so much to learn has been daunting - her humour and honesty within the masterclass has made the journey feel achievable.

If you are thinking of setting up a VA business, don't hesitate to book onto the training - this really is the best training I have done in a long time (not just as a potential VA!) and it is clear that Charlotte has thought about everything we would need to think about in order to be a successful VA! Thank you Charlotte!

I would also recommend 1:1 coaching to further support the learning if owning/running a business is completely new to you or if you are lacking in confidence.

Claire Grace, FEPAA

The Assistant Quarters

I have recently completed the Making The Leap Masterclass with Charlotte at VIP VA. I can whole heartedly recommend this course to anyone considering the transition from PA to VA. The content is concise and engaging and Charlotte is very responsive to any enquiries you may have. You will feel fully supported and ultimately ready for your next entrepreneurship challenge. Jennifer Corcoran, FEPAA

My Super Connector

If you’re wanting to go from a PA/EA position to become a VA where you want to continue to deliver a high standard and quality service then this is the right course for you. It will lead you down the route to becoming a business owner and not only thinking about getting work but what your long term goals are, why you are doing this and ensuring that you get the right balance for you working with the clients that you want to work with. This course exactly met what I wanted to achieve.

I had already started my VA business but I wanted to fill in a few gaps and needed the confidence boost this course gave me.  I’ve already recommended to a couple of PAs looking to make the leap!

Natalie Reeves

NJR VIrtual PA

I had seen from the VIP VA Hub how people had spoken highly about Charlotte in a positive way. I had a few conversations with her and saw how professional, helpful and supportive she was. This helped me make a decision to join this masterclass and I wasn’t disappointed.

I enjoyed the videos and downloads, which are very helpful, easy to follow and full of information.

If you are thinking of being a VA or even a new aspiring VA this is the masterclass for you. The course gets right to the point and if you get stuck on anything you always have the support of Charlotte.

Nekeshia Williams

Petrina Virtual Assistant

Charlotte is very knowledgeable and understanding of how we all feel at the early stages. The Making the Leap Masterclass was excellent and exceeded my expectations.

Before I took the course, I was worrying about being responsible for owning a business, and this course has given me the initiative to start looking at things now.

I have already recommended it to someone and will continue to do so for anyone thinking of a change to the VA world.

Victoria Allen

As a VA myself and someone who has and is being mentored by Charlotte, I can 100% recommend this masterclass to anyone who is looking to launch their VA business anytime soon. Charlotte has so much knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment this is an investment that wouldn’t be wasted! Julia Roberts

Your Virtual PA

My business has been full on and I have spent the last few months working really hard in the business but not nearly enough time working on the business. So I had found myself in a a bit of a stalemate and needed an input of time, energy and enthusiasm to take me to the next level.

My day with Charlotte (and the pre and post work) have been vital in giving me back my spark. My energy levels have increased because I am making time to do parts of the job that I enjoy as well as those that need doing. I now have a plan of action and goals to work to, I feel like I have direction again!

As an added bonus the day itself was relaxed and great fun. The venue was lovely and the working space really good.

Whether you are starting out or at a bit of a changing point, I’d definitely recommend a day with Charlotte.

Kathy Soulsby

Personally Virtual

Charlotte is very personable and easy to talk to, a great listener and makes you feel valued throughout the whole process. Her main aim is always to put your needs first so you get the most out of your time.

Spending a day with Charlotte on my business helped me to gain some much needed clarity on where my business was going. I came away with a list of easy to implement action points to take me in the right direction and help me achieve my goals, and left feeling energised and ready to move forward.

I look forward to working with Charlotte on my business for a very long time!

Christina Moore

Complete Organisation

I’ve known Charlotte a long time first as a work colleague and now as my coach and mentor. She completely gets me. She knows what makes me tick and how to motivate me. I always get the best out of our sessions. I cannot recommend Charlotte highly enough. She certainly knows her stuff and I’m already seeing results. Zita Lewis

Helping You - Helping Your Business

Is it time you made the leap?

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