Terms & Conditions of Membership

These membership terms and conditions, which, together with our Website Terms of Use, and Acceptable Use Policy, sets out the terms under which the Directors of VIP VA, (“we”, “us”, “our”), allow you to use the site www.vipva.org (“Site”) as a visitor or registered Member user. All enquiries should be directed to info@vipva.org. Please read the terms of this policy carefully, as by using our Site you indicate that you agree to comply with and be bound by them.


Applicant” shall mean any person completing our registration form in order to become a Member of VIP VA.


Member” shall mean any successful applicant of VIP VA membership.


Directory” shall mean the private directory of members of VIP VA





Any person wishing to become a member of VIP VA shall apply for membership in accordance with our registration form as may be amended from time to time (“Application”).


Such Application shall be considered by us or our appointed representatives who shall determine admission or rejection of Membership.


We reserve the right to request further information, or to interview the Applicant by any means convenient including Skype, telephone or face to face, prior to acceptance of Membership.

Upon acceptance of any Application, the Applicant will be notified of such acceptance, and upon payment of the annual or monthly fee (“Membership Fee”) and acceptance of the terms and conditions of membership, shall become accepted into the membership & Directory and entitled to all privileges afforded to their approved Membership Package (“Membership”)


We retain complete discretion as to whether to accept any person for Membership. We are not obliged to disclose reasons to an unsuccessful Applicant as to why their Application for membership was not accepted. We reserve the right to decline an application if we believe that the Applicant is not a good fit for the membership community.





Members will be UK & Europe based, registered self-employed freelancers.


Members will have been in business for AT LEAST six months prior to application.


Members will be registered with the ICO for data protection and hold valid professional indemnity insurance. They will be registered for AML if their skills offered require it.  They will be professional businesses with a good social media presence, website with company address on, and at least 1 testimonial in place from a client.


Members will be entitled to choose from membership levels advertised on www.vipva.org as may from time to time be amended (“Membership Packages”)


Founder Member or Lifetime Member status may be offered on an invitation only basis at our discretion, and shall be subject to the usual criteria for acceptance of Application.


We reserve the right to request interviews; carry out background checks; and/or request spot check skills tests on any of our members at any point during their membership on an ad hoc basis.


If any Member is found not to be proficient in any skills, technical or otherwise, listed on their profile, those skills will be requested to be removed from their profile.


We may request amendments to the contents of a Member’s profile should we deem it untrue, unprofessional or inappropriate for the purposes of our Site. We reserve the right to terminate the Membership of any Member refusing to carry out such requested amendments.





Upon expiry or termination of any Membership, the Member shall be removed from the Directory and any online members’ community (including but not limited to the VIP VA private Facebook group), their details removed from the Site, and their access to Members’ only areas of the Site revoked.  


Membership in VIP VA is for individual use and is not capable of being transferred or transmitted to another person or organisation.


We shall have the power to suspend or expel any member without refund of Membership Fees, if such member:


  • has committed any unlawful act;
  • wilfully refuses or neglects to comply with a provision of the Terms and Conditions of VIP VA;
  • is found to no longer meet the Qualifications of Membership of VIP VA;
  • is found to have knowingly falsified any information submitted to VIP VA; or
  • is found guilty of conduct which in the opinion of the Directors is unbecoming of a Member or prejudicial to the interests of VIP VA.


Members are able to cancel their Membership at any point during the Membership Year, however, we cannot issue refund for any proportion of Membership remaining. Members paying monthly must continue to pay the Monthly Fee until the natural end of the Membership Year.  Please note that we are unable to put forward members for client matching once notice has been given of non-renewal.




All Memberships are prepaid through our Site, or from time to time as may be deemed necessary via an email link.


All Membership is for the period of 12 months from date of issue (“Membership Year”) and shall expire immediately should the renewal payment not be received by the due date.


Members can choose to pay on an annual basis or in 12 fixed monthly instalments.


The fees applicable to each Membership Package shall be reviewed from time to time and we reserve the right to change these without prior notice.


For monthly payments, the Membership Fee determined at the date of issue of Membership, shall remain the same for entirety of that Membership Year.


Notice of renewal will be provided to Members no later than 1 month prior to the end of the Membership Year.





The Membership Packages contain all of the benefits and privileges associated with the level of Membership. While every effort is made by us to maintain all of the benefits, we reserve the right to amend the Membership Package offerings during the Membership Year.

While we will endeavour to replace any benefit with a benefit of equivalent value, Members will not be entitled to any refund of any fee or portion of fees as a result of any change to the package.





Upon approval for Membership, you acknowledge that you have read the terms of the Privacy Policy.


Members agree that use of the Site is governed by the Website Terms of Use and the Acceptable Use Policy and you acknowledge that you have read all of those Terms.


You agree that in becoming a Member, you will have access to Members’ only areas of the Site which will have security encryption to protect against external unauthorised access. While every effort will be made to ensure ongoing protection, we shall not be liable for any breach in security outside of our control.


As a condition of Membership, all Members agree to have their details published in the Directory which may be viewed by any Member with the appropriate level of access. The information published shall include but is not limited to:


  • name
  • company name
  • contact information
  • photo
  • video pitch
  • bio
  • skills list
  • areas of expertise
  • testimonials/ratings


We reserve the right to amend these requirements at any time without prior notice.


We may wish to publish information from time to time featuring a new Member, profiling a Member, providing a testimonial, or publishing an article on or by a Member. We will not publish any information without the prior consent of the Member.


Our entire Site, including Directory, is designed to be viewed only.  Members are not permitted to extract any information from within the protected Members’ area for their own means, other than for the purpose of making contact with other Members.  Anyone found so doing shall have their Membership terminated with immediate effect.


Whilst reasonable checks have been made as to the quality of affiliated products and linked sites, we cannot guarantee the performance or quality of these.


We reserve the right to make reasonable changes to the Site and/or Membership conditions and features without prior notice.





Members agree to act in a manner becoming of a professional member based entity at any event of VIP VA or in any interactions online.


Members shall be given their unique login details to gain access on the Site. Members agree not to share or disclose their password, with any other person, including another Member. Breach of this condition will be considered grounds for termination of Membership.


Members agree that while networking and collaboration is part of the core purposes for which VIP VA has been established, Members will not abuse or otherwise seek to take advantage of the access to other Members for the purposes of sales or marketing or other promotional activities for their own ends.





As part of Membership we will endeavour to match Members with job profiles submitted by business owners seeking to hire a freelancer (“Client Members”).


By opting into our job matching service, Members agree to us sharing profile information with our Client Members.


We cannot guarantee that any Member will be successful in any job match.


Whilst we shall make every effort to ensure that all job profiles submitted are accurate and genuine, we cannot be held liable for any inaccuracy or for the legitimacy of any submission.


We shall not be involved with the relationship between any Member and Client Member after the initial job matching stage; nor shall we take any responsibility for the conduct of either party.


Should a Member be successful in a job match, such Member shall be responsible for the negotiation of services, contracts, payment and all other detail pertaining to the Member’s and Client Member’s ongoing relationship.


We shall not take any remuneration or commission from any successful job matching outside of the Membership Fee and the fees charged to the Client Members for such job matching.





Each Member of VIP VA agrees and acknowledges that they are responsible for their own interactions with other Members.


In the event of a dispute arising regarding the conduct of another Member, each Member accepts that they should attempt to resolve the dispute between themselves, and if necessary, with the assistance of VIP VA.





An order placed for the purchase of any goods is binding on the purchaser upon completion of the online transaction.


It is not our policy to give refunds on any Membership Package, products or services purchased via our Site. Please choose carefully. Any refunds offered will be at the sole discretion of the Directors of VIP VA and their decision is final.