The most common association that people tend to make with business cards is that they are often used to market a brand as well as the person that is behind that brand. Succeeding as a startup owner in this modern day and age is all about creating a distinct identity for the company that you are trying to run in a profitable enough manner, and suffice it to say that your business cards can have a pretty outsized say in that if you think about them from an objective point of view that is not marred by the various biases that you might have knocking around inside of your conscious mind.

However, you should be careful not to take things too far when it comes to adding identifying details to your Metal Kards that can make them as unique as you would want them to be. Adding your face to a real estate business card might create a strong connection between you and your business, one that your future clients are unlikely to forget anytime soon, but simultaneously you should remember that adding your face to such a card can seem rather tacky.

It’s essential to avoid seeming overbearing when you are offering business communication to potential clients. You can try adding your face if you are still very new to this industry, but if you have even a little bit of experience you might be better off with just sticking to your name. Printing your face on the card could make it rather expensive and what’s more is that it would not be the sort of thing that anyone would find to be palatable.