Our Advisory Board

Here at VIP VA we are passionate about the future of the VA profession. 


VIP VA aims to be one of the leading professional body and organisation for virtual and remote based independent business owners including VAs, Social Media Managers and Online Business Consultants in the UK, Europe and across the globe.

We train, we educate and above all we champion virtual independent professionals and support and encourage our members to be professional, safe business owners.  VIP VA sets best practice and professional standards across the profession.

It is our mission as a Board and an organisation to elevate the profile of our growing profession, ensure professional standards are met whilst changing the perception of the role and improving the industry for those internally and externally.


“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.”

Helen Keller

Allison Christie, Founder, Tick the List

Allison runs Tick The List with Allison Christie, and is our most Northerly VA.  She lives in the beautiful Shetland Islands with her husband and 3 children, right at the top of the UK (so wins the prize for most Northernly everything!).  

Allison has 20+ years of admin and management experience and started her business after her 3rd child was born – from the occasional hour of agency work when on maternity leave, Allison has grown her business to now include a team of Associate VAs.  

Allison knows the importance of balancing self-employment with family life, and the challenges that sometimes brings when you are equally committed to both!  Location for Allison has never been an issue, and she is always keen to support other VAs in recognising the value they can bring to businesses no matter where they may be based.  Allison truly believes that VA’s work best in collaboration with each other where they can share their skills and experience and offer support to one another in what can sometimes be an isolating way to work.  Allison is delighted to be helping support VIP VA lead the way in helping the industry develop in to a highly respected field that is fit for purpose in the modern business world.

Vicki Doudelle, Director, Beeline Solutions

Vicki was our first international VIP VA Member.  She runs Beeline Solutions (previously The VA Bee) from her home in Bordeaux, France. 
Her story is a little different to many, as after a fantastic EA career in corporate London, she uprooted herself with a very young family and moved to a different country, where she didn’t speak the language particularly well and found that her CV, which opened doors everywhere in the UK, had absolutely zero effect in Bordeaux.  Disheartened and determined never to do work that undermined what she had previously done, she went about setting up herself up as a VA in January 2013.  Firstly, navigating the French administrative system – which still totally dumbfounds her sometimes, she then went on to initially work for a large well known VA Agency, but with her heart set on independence and bigger things.  The VA Bee was launched in mid-2014 and she has worked incredibly hard to build her client-base and network, including setting up Bordeaux’s first English speaking business network. 
She is a business support manager, an inbox ninga, loves a bit of recruitment, as well as creating systems & processes for small businesses.  Vicki believes that if you set your mind on something then it’s yours for the taking.  She works from the heart, taking on each and every client relationship with a long-term vision, with communication and authenticity as core factors.  She is one of VIP VA’s biggest fans and is totally honoured to be part of Team VIP VA.
Outside of work, Vicki spends as much time as possible with her family and thinks that laughter & music are possibly the best medicines and key to a happy life!


James Pybus, Owner, Digital Marketing Implementation Services

James Pybus is a Digital Marketing Trainer, Consultant and hands on implementation specialist with over 20 years of experience. He has worked with a wide range of businesses from funded start-ups and SMEs to international corporations in a number of different sectors and has found great success in promoting these businesses to a wider, relevant audience and increasing revenue as a result.

James is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Freeman of the City of London and has a Post Graduate Certificate in Digital Communications from Manchester Metropolitan University (2017).

James is a great believer in partnerships and collaboration, and feels that both are central to business success and wider economic growth; it is only by harnessing the unique skills of others and sharing our own strengths that we can help each other find the greatest success in business.

James is owner and Director at Digital Marketing Implementation Services

Charlotte Wibberley, CEO & Founder, VIP VA

Charlotte Wibberley is an Online Business Manager enabling entrepreneurs and business owners to have the freedom to do what they do best and follow their passion.

Charlotte leapt into self-employment after having her son in 2012 starting her first online business, a multi-award winning VA business in 2013. This success enabled her to find her passion in supporting successful women juggling family and business as their OBM. Charlotte is the extra pair of hands, the like-minded buddy and chief cheerleader for businesses goals and ambitions. She loves helping clients achieve their goals they secretly dared to desire but feared to hope and aim for through strategic advice and top notch implementation.

Charlotte also has over 5 years experience coaching and mentoring VAs looking to build their businesses, grow their teams and achieve their dreams. Seeing people grow and build successful businesses around their lifestyles is close to Charlotte’s heart: it is one of her passions and key purposes.

Outside of work Charlotte is mum to Alex, 6 and Evie, 4 who keep her busy and out of trouble! She also enjoys going to the gym and the rare date night with her fellow entrepreneurial husband, Andrew.

Tiffany Wise, CEO & Founder, TWVA

Entrepreneur and working mum, Tiffany set up TWVA in 2016 from her home office in Buckinghamshire providing business support services to busy and ambitious Executives and business owners.  In just 2 years the business has built up a strong portfolio of clients and Tiffany now works with a team of top-level associates, each with their own area of expertise.

Tiffany has always been incredibly ambitious and dedicated to her work.  She was offered her first business partnership at 17, with a second following just a year later.  However, both were turned down in her pursuit to become a PA.  She went on to graduate from Lucie Clayton Secretarial College in 2001 and quickly gained a reputation as a top-level PA/EA within central London, working for a number of large organisations within the financial services, banking, private equity and consumer services sector including companies such as Merrill Lynch and The AA.

Tiffany is honoured to have been asked to join the VIP VA Advisory Board and champions the need for a professional body and organisation for virtual freelancers.  Also, as a business that uses VA’s itself, Tiffany is keen to spread the word about the benefits that come from working with VA’s whilst similarly educating business owners on the importance of working with freelancers that adhere to best practice and professional standards.

Outside of TWVA, Tiffany enjoys spending time with her young son and has recently been elected as a Parent Governor at his primary school.  She also enjoys walking her cockapoo Denzel (when he’s not asleep in the home office!), grabbing a bite to eat with friends and boxing (don’t worry, the gloves are left at the gym!).