The fact that vinyl flooring looks awesome and is affordable as well makes it one of the most popular types of flooring available for use in houses these days. However, vinyl flooring tiles come in specific sizes, and that is why you will have to cut them in order to make them fit your space perfectly.

While it might look like a difficult thing to do, the whole process of trimming vinyl flooring tiles is really easy. In this article, we will show you a few different methods of cutting vinyl flooring tiles easily. Visit sites like Floor Mod! for more tutorials like this.

Place The Tile

First of all, you will have to line up the tile with the vinyl cutter. After this, use the measuring tape to make a straight line and place the tile properly on the cutter from where you want to cut it.

Adjust The Depth

In order to adjust the depth of the vinyl cutter, you can use the screws on top of the vinyl cutter to increase or decrease the depth. After adjusting the depth, you are all set to start cutting the tile.

Start Cutting

Use the handle of your vinyl cutter to start cutting the tile properly. Do not worry about the speed you are cutting the tile with, and rather focus on the precision and the style with which you are cutting the tile.

Remove The Cut Part

After chopping the tile, you should remove the cut part from it. If you want to cut another dial as well, you have to raise the handle of the gutter, and you are all set to repeat the above mentioned steps once again.

If you are still unsure about cutting vinyl tiles, you can watch a few online tutorials as well.