There was a time when banks were the central authority that you simply had to contend with if you wanted to work a high paying job or alternatively wanted to start a business of some sort. Banks were also the ultimate arbiters that decided who could invest in what, but suffice it to say that their authority has become diminished somewhat after the rise of cryptocurrency. While most people still use bank accounts and invest in a variety of mutual funds, chances are that cryptos are becoming an increasingly crucial portion of their wider portfolio.

Before you dive headfirst into the world of crypto by making a Yieldnodes account, it is important that you first understand how crypto works in the first place. Not knowing the fundamentals regarding crypto can sometimes lead to you getting blindsided by market volatility due to the reason that you would have had no way of predicting that this was about to occur. The way crypto works is that it consists of a decentralized system of databases all of which are recording transactions as well as keeping track of how much liquid currency is moving around in the market.

What’s more is that the blockchain on which these transactions are stored are secured with a high level of cryptography. This cryptography has been stress tested to the max by the countless security problems that various exchanges and currencies have faced, so it’s only a matter of time before they become completely immune to the actions of hackers and the like. The use of crypto is rising, and we may potentially see it displacing fiat currency as the primary mode of transactions between two consenting commercial parties.